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YES We do still process film.

We process 35mm Film, APS films, 120, Black & White C41, all in 1 hour if required.

We also process reprints from 35mm, APS, 126, 110 negatives in most print sizes.

True Black and White processing is now not available.

Of course we print digital. Please make sure your digital images are stored as JPG or TIF format @ 300dpi.

We get many requests for other digital formats. We have had much success in processing other formats, however due to the wide variety of programs, versions and computers, as well as user interpretations, we cannot guarantee successful translation of formats other than JPG or TIF. Images stored as PSD and PDF may have more success than .doc/.docx and Publisher style files. Please ensure you convert to the required format before bringing your images in.

We also wholesale film processing to a large number of labs in the region. If you are a lab looking to outsource your processing to a reliable company, we are the obvious choice. We have the passion for photography that includes maintaining the links to the past, even if the margins are not realistic. As far as possible, we will be processing film media well into the future.