Collages and Package Prints

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We can print collages of many photos or package prints of multiples of one photo.

Right now, Collages are best put together at home in the comfort of your own environment. But if it all gets too much or you do not have a computer and the right program at home, we can take the hard work out of it for you. We are currently building templates to make this job much easier and cheaper for you.

A collage can be as simple as two photos with some text or a logo, or as complicated at hundreds of photos jumbled together. They may be arranged in an orderly fashion or as random as possible. Obviously the more work involved the dearer the pricing will be. That's where a range of templates helps take the guesswork out of deciding what you want.

From 8"x10" to 20"x30" it is a great idea for just about anything like family history, team photos memorials.

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On the other hand, a package print is a choice of output packages of a single photo (or sometimes a couple of photos with one being photographer details or similar, which is perfect for sporting groups).

eg: 1 photo with multiple sizes on an 8"x10" print.

Come in store and ask about what we can do for you.